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ICLEI Europe Basic Climate Toolkit Registration

What is the Basic Climate Toolkit?

Within the context of ICLEI's GreenClimateCities Initiative the Basic Climate Toolkit is offered as support for Local Governments engaging in local climate action. ICLEI Europe's Basic Climate Toolkit is comprised of:

  • PART A: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Manual
  • PART B: Basic Greenhouse Gas Inventory Tool
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on GHG Inventories
  • Glossary and Abbreviations

The Toolkit can be used for the development of Community Baseline Emissions Inventories, also for submission of Sustainable Energy Action Plans to the Covenant of Mayors.


Who can use the Basic Climate Toolkit?

The toolkit has been prepared for ICLEI members and participants in ICLEI’s climate change mitigation initiatives and projects. It is free of charge for these target groups only. The access to the toolkit is approved on an individual basis. Exceptions might be considered and can be explored with ICLEI Europe.


Terms and conditions of use:


  • No organisation is allowed to use the toolkit or parts of it to deliver paid services to local governments or any other party.
  • It is not allowed to share the toolkit or parts of it to any third person, neither internally or externally.
  • Several individuals within one organisation can register.
  • By downloading and using the Basic Greenhouse Gas Inventory Tool you agree to be solely responsible for any potential damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the use of the tool and associated manual.
  • Unless stated or otherwise approved, the Tool and Manual may not be modified or altered in any way, except to update in partnership with ICLEI Europe. You may not remove any copyright or other proprietary notices.
  • Should you display any images or content originating from the Toolkit or Manual they should be attributed to ICLEI Europe. 


How to access the toolkit?  Steps:


  • You register – complete Registration form.
  • We approve (or not).
  • If approved, you get password to access and download.
  • You use the Toolkit.
  • We update you on improvements of the Toolkit.
  • We make support offers – which you can explore with us, if interested.