ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat


17 October 2017
Webinar on Urban Sustainability Management

- Online
The sustainability performance of buildings and infrastructure is linked not only to their internal performance, but also to the performance of their immediate surroundings. Recognising the need for a holistic approach to improve the sustainability of cities and communities, standardisation bodies from over 50 countries joined forces with ISO to develop the ISO 37101 standard. The standard acts as a common methodology for implementing urban sustainability management.

The ISO 37101 standard offers users and their partners the benefits of a common language that helps clarify and enhance stakeholder co-operation and exchange, a structured methodology to monitor the overall performance of buildings and infrastructure and their surroundings using relevant indicators, and recognition through either formal certification or a claim of conformity with the standard.

This webinar on ‘Urban Sustainability Management’ will take place on 17 October at 18:00 (CEST) and will introduce participants to the ISO 37101 standard. Participants will have the chance to interact with experts who have been involved in drafting the standard and developing tools, and with potential users and community stakeholders.

The webinar is organised by FIDIC and its partners, including ICLEI.

To register for the event, contact fidicpub@fidic.org mentioning the date of the webinar (17 October) and specifying that FIDIC’s partner is inviting you (ICLEI).
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