ICLEI European Secretariat

ICLEI European Secretariat


18 February 2014
15th Breakfast at Sustainability's
How do Warsaw’s climate talks impact on local and regional climate and energy action planning and finance?
Brussels, Belgium

Breakfast at Sustainability's (B@S) are small, informal meetings which address a range of sustainable urban development issues of relevance to public authorities. Each session is comprised of breakfast, short input from an expert, and moderated interactive discussions. The 15th B@S in the series examined the impact of COP19 in Warsaw on local and regional climate and energy action planning and finance.

International climate negotiations from Warsaw (COP19) in 2013 to Paris (COP21) in 2015 are sometimes perceived as “far from home” for European local and regional authorities. However, with Warsaw hosting last year's negotiations and Paris in 2015 (COP21) they are happening right in the European Union.

Topics for discussion included the way that the negotiations impact on local and regional actors in Europe, how EU policy and financing schemes empower these actors to take action, and the assistance provided by the Local Climate Roadmap. This edition of B@S featured William Gillett of EACI, who spoke on the EU energy programmes helping European cities and local authorities to address the energy and climate agenda.

To register, contact laura.carniel@iclei.org.