2 May 2019

ICLEI Europe and Mayors launch EU election campaign

Today, ICLEI Europe and its Member Cities’ Mayors have launched a campaign to encourage European citizens to vote in the upcoming EU elections – taking place from 23-26 May – and to do so for parties concerned with the sustainable future of Europe.

Every day, ICLEI Europe will showcase a message from a Member City’s Mayor or Deputy Mayor on its Twitter feed. These messages point to the importance of exercising one’s right to vote in the EU election, ensuring that the EU joins cities all over Europe in actively working towards a more sustainable future. They also highlight the links between local and European action.

Participating Mayors come from across Europe, reinforcing the breadth of European cities that are taking climate action.

ICLEI Europe will also have a stand at EU Green Week (15-17 May), where visitors will be able to take pictures of themselves in a frame with messages affirming that they will vote. Pictures will also be shared via Twitter.

Follow the campaign and join in using the hashtags #Mayors4Europe and #ThisTimeImVoting. And don’t forget to cast your ballot on 23-26 May!