8 April 2019

Procurers: have your say about the 2014 Directives on Public Procurement

Cities called to give feedback on the 2014 Public Procurement Directives

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the Council of European Municipalities are conducting consultation on the 2014 Directives on Public Procurement.

The Directives introduced a number of changes to the European legal framework for public procurement. Among other things, they sought to strengthen the role of public procurement in achieving policy goals in innovation, environmental protection, and social inclusion.

Local and regional authorities play a key role in local public markets through their spending on goods and services, construction, and public works. The Committee of the Regions has therefore begun analysing the challenges and opportunities faced by regions and cities in implementing the 2014 legal framework.

By responding to this survey, you will help to identify key challenges of the Directives, and present your view on the types of policies needed to help overcome these challenges. Any stakeholder or politician – official or other – acting at a regional or local level that is impacted by the 2014 Directives on Public Procurement is invited to respond to the survey.

The CoR is expected to publish the survey results in May 2019 in a summary paper that will be circulated to all respondents. Results will also feed into the CoR’s opinion on the implementation of the 2014 Directives on Public Procurement.

The survey is open for responses until 13 May 2019. Find and respond to the survey here.