Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

5 March 2019

Better Together Award to reward collaborative innovations solving local climate challenges

Cities, towns and regions are the pioneering places where local solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change need to develop.

Meanwhile, start-ups, social enterprises and civil society organisations across the world are exploring and implementing those new ideas.

The Better Together Award highlights and rewards the value of impactful collaboration between start-ups, SMEs or NGOs and local governments that jointly implement innovative solutions for effective climate mitigation and adaptation.

The award will give five internationally outstanding collaborations for local climate action the visibility, support and connections to take their impact global.

The application deadline is 24 March 2019 and the award ceremony, where awardees will present their winning idea, will take place at the International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA) in Heidelberg (Germany), May 22-23, 2019.

For more information and to apply for the award, click here.