Funding Opportunities

ICLEI Europe supports and advocates for improved access to funding for local and regional governments to plan and implement sustainable development. ICLEI works closely with organisations such as the European Investment Bank to develop new financing schemes, tailored to the investment needs and budgetary reality of local and regional governments.

ICLEI also supports the local and regional application of innovative approaches to financing, including for example crowd-funding, cooperative financing or the blending of public and civic funding, or complimentary currencies.

Overview of opportunities

EU Cohesion Policy

European Investment Bank


Work with ICLEI

ICLEI Europe provides advice to its members to bring project ideas and funding together. ICLEI Europe also provides consultancy services for writing proposals. Depending on the funding line, ICLEI can be involved as partner or subcontractor in the actual project implementation, bringing in additional expertise, training, replication potential and communication services.

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