AIREAL- Nantes, France

Status: In Progress

Nantes-based non-profit Air Pays de La Loire carries out the project AIREAL to identify and test solutions to reduce residents' exposure to air pollution. Working together with Nantes Metropole and local innovation centre SAMOA, Air Pays de la Loire will determine local testbeds to implement measures – air quality management interventions – and trial solutions to evaluate air quality in public spaces. In concrete terms, real-time geolocated data will be available to citizens through a mobile application which will guide users toward healthier ways to move and live. Citizens will be able to choose which means of transportation to use, which routes to take, where to buy a house, or even where and when to make complaints to local authorities.

Through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), AIREAL will support the city’s urban transportation strategy, offering real-time assessment of solutions to reduce road traffic pollution (chicanes, cycle paths, 30 km/h zones, etc).




  • Real-time traffic data is collected from the Nantes Métropole and the Interdepartmental Directorate of Roads West (Direction Interdépartementale des Routes Ouest) counting terminals present on a large part of the metropolitan road network.
  • The processing of this data then makes it possible to build a “traffic” database in real time, linked to the project network. T
  • Each axis of the road network corresponds to traffic information to be translated into pollutant emissions, then into concentrations of pollutants in the air to ultimately provide a real-time map of air quality throughout the territory.
  • These different levels of data processing call on advanced calculation tools, used on a daily basis by our design engineers and modelling experts, and take into account a panel of complementary data (inventory of emissions, weather , background pollution, etc.).

Air Pays de la Loire



Based in the French city of Nantes, Air Pays de la Loire is a non-profit organisation responsible for monitoring and informing about air quality in the Pays de la Loire region. Its missions include consulting about design, implementation and evaluation of public policies. Air Pays de la Loire also works with industries to assess impacts of their installations and with research institutions to conduct innovative projects.

AIREAL's proposal was selected to receive funding through the ICLEI Action Fund due to its strong technological component and data-driven approach, by providing real time air pollution data for enhanced decision making from Municipality (traffic management) and citizens (health protection), which confers to the project a potential for high impact.