Pop-up Republic: New Mobility - Berlin, Germany

Status: In Progress

In Berlin, non-governmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) executes the project "Pop-up Republic: New Mobility Berlin", aimed at collecting, processing and analysing environmental data in order to objectify discussions about sustainable mobility and traffic  transition in the city. DUH uses data on air quality, noise level and urban traffic from local sources, along with other tools to accelerate the city’s progress toward its air quality and carbon-free transport goals.




By January 2022, DUH has published an analysis report of the car-free street Friedrichstrasse (in German only) and an analysis report on the pop-up bike lane set up on the street Kanntstrasse. Furthermore, the project will evaluate data in the following study areas of Berlin in the coming months:



“Our cities are clogged by car traffic. To meet climate targets, reduce noise pollution and improve air quality, we need safe bike lanes throughout our cities and half as many cars in the short term. By installing pop-up bike lanes, more and more cities are showing how easily and quickly cycling can be promoted. Our research shows: it works! Bicycle traffic has tripled, the number of cars has decreased by 22%, and air quality has improved significantly. What is your city waiting for?"

Hanna Rhein, Project Manager

“This work shows the importance of monitoring environmental quality on a local level to transparently communicate results to citizens and inform policy makers to make better decisions. It comes at a perfect moment where cities in Europe and around the world are called to be more ambitious in reducing NO2 concentration on a local level, through the new WHO air quality guidelines."

The ICLEI Action Fund European Secretariat

"Temporary interventions and "popup" measures are suitable for reducing years of planning to a few weeks. By a systematic evaluation of environmental and traffic data, the project supports decision makers, administrations and civil society to achieve health and climate related targets. In cooperation with the ICLEI Action Fund, there is the unique opportunity to significantly reduce traffic related emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in Berlin."

Deutsche Umwelthilfe's team




Kantstrasse report - English

Friedrichstrasse report - German

Deutsche Umwelthilfe


Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) is a politically independent organization promoting the protection of the environment, nature and consumers. It operates mostly at national and European level and it is a registered non-profit organization that is authorized to institute legal proceedings. DUH advocates sustainable lifestyles and economic systems that respect environmental boundaries.

The ICLEI Action Fund selected DUH's proposal based on its expertise and strong capacity to showcase the impact of transport measures in urban air quality and how air pollution data contributes to city transitions in mobility. No actions implemented, but do evaluates results which might be of value.  In addition, the clear data-analysis process to be used in the project and the committed support of the Berlin Senate and selected districts of the city were important points for its selection.