Partnerships and Financing for an Inclusive City

Copenhagen Metro

Join us in Copenhagen!


WHERE: City & Port, Copenhagen, Denmark

WHEN: 7 - 8 October, 2019

Do you work on making European or U.S. American cities thrive? Are you interested in learning from other cities' best practice solutions? Join us in Copenhagen at a conference that will present best practice projects that use innovative partnerships and financing models to produce urban sustainability solutions.

This conference presents several best practices to prompt discussion around how cities can and are delivering and financing urban sustainability solutions. It culminates in a dynamic series of "City Story" pitches.

Cities in Europe and across the U.S.A. have evolved along two distinct paths: 1) urban deindustrialisation and population decline, or 2) economic and population growth. Those that have experienced decline will be interested in understanding how cities have used partnership models to achieve urban transformation. Cities that have experienced gentrification will be interested in engaging around using new models to, for example, provide affordable and social housing, finance city-wide metro systems with limited public money, and ensure inclusiveness in development.

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Attendance is free of charge, places are limited. In case of questions, please contact Charlotte Ipsen at



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