9 April 2024

New guidebook on local energy poverty solutions

Leveraging the extensive experience in supporting local and regional governments in their sustainable energy and climate action planning processes, ICLEI Europe has played a pivotal role in drafting a new resource from Sun4All that promotes the use of renewable energy and addresses energy poverty, ensuring it aligns with the evolving needs of communities across Europe.

By synthesising these insights, the Sun4All Guidebook offers a roadmap for local and regional authorities to integrate the Sun4All financial model into their sustainable energy and climate action plans (SECAP). This comprehensive and reader-friendly publication is supporting local and regional governments to address energy poverty while advancing sustainable energy and climate action planning.

Here's what sets the Sun4All Guidebook apart:

  1. Insight into EU policies: Delve into the latest European Union policies and initiatives aimed at addressing energy poverty, providing a solid foundation for effective action.
  2. Covenant of Mayors framework: Gain a deeper understanding of the energy poverty pillar within the Covenant of Mayors - Europe framework, empowering governments to navigate its complexities with confidence.
  3. Transatlantic inspiration: Learn from successful initiatives like New York State's "Solar for All" program and discover how these strategies can be adapted and implemented through the Sun4All project.
  4. Practical guidance: Receive practical guidance on integrating the Sun4All financial scheme into local energy and climate action plans, ensuring a seamless transition towards sustainable energy solutions.
  5. Advancing the European Green Deal: Embrace the guidebook's insights to promote the implementation of the European Green Deal and foster a just energy transition within your city or region.

Whether you're a government official, utility provider, or energy agency, this guide offers valuable insights to promote access to renewable energy and combat energy poverty at the local level. Download it for free here.

Discover additional resources and capacity-building events offered by Sun4All to all cities, utilities or other stakeholders seeking to mitigate energy poverty while ensuring a fair energy transition here.