25 May 2023

ICLEI partners with city changers for Urban Futures conference

ICLEI Europe is once again a partner of the annual Urban Future conference, which brings together a wide diversity of ‘city changers’. This year, the conference is taking place in Stuttgart (Germany) from 21-23 June 2023, and will bring together urban development experts, politicians, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders that are making cities more sustainable. ICLEI Europe will be represented across a slate of sessions, contributing to exchange on a variety of topics from energy poverty to urban greening, and to sustainable mobility.

Hear Vice Mayor Chantal Zeegers of ICLEI Member Rotterdam (the Netherlands), who sits on ICLEI Europe’s Regional Executive Committee, speak at a session on 21 June on the “Race to Zero: Cities’ carbon emission strategies”. Vice Mayor Zeegers will shed light on how the local level is leading the way toward net zero emissions. Later that same day, from 16:00–17:30 CEST, ICLEI Europe will chair a session on tackling the energy crisis, while keeping in mind emissions. ICLEI will draw on experiences from a number of projects and advocacy work, to discuss addressing energy poverty in cities.

The FastTrack project, which ICLEI Europe coordinates, will be featured in two sustainable mobility sessions on 21 June: one on commuter behaviour, and another on urban logistics and how to move goods sustainably. The latter will include a speaker from ICLEI Member Munich (Germany).

On the second day of the conference, 22 June, learn from ICLEI Europe Senior Officer Alis Daniela Torres, who will share insights during a workshop for city managers on how to secure European funding for climate projects. In addition, the ICLEI-led NetworkNature project – a platform for the nature-based solutions community – will be featured in a session about how to create cities so that both people and nature flourish.

We hope to see you there! In addition, we invite all conference participants to visit us in the lounge expo on 21–22 June!

It is still possible to register to attend the event, and reduced fares are available for students and for representatives of NGOs, municipalities and universities. Learn more at: