17 April 2023

New Circular Education centre launched in ICLEI Member Murcia

ICLEI Member Murcia (Spain) has recently launched a new Circular Education LAB. This new social and circular initiative is aimed at letting children and families re-use and play with waste from the city, with the objective of raising circular awareness in the community.

Waste is supplied to the LAB from a network of private companies and schools and nurseries are invited to visit the LAB for a tour. Here they learn about the value of turning waste into a resource, whether through games, art, or design. The LAB is just one of several ways the city is advancing its circular ambitions. In the CCD Report 2022, produced by ICLEI Europe alongside the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the city outlines a strategy to achieve 100% circularity by 2050, targeting tourism, trade, and agricultural industries with a focus on bio-waste.

The city is also involved in circular projects such as CityLoops, a project coordinated by ICLEI, aimed at closing the loops of urban material flows and increasing their regenerative capacity. Within the project Murcia, is a replication zone. Knowledge, experience, tools and results generated through the project's demonstration cities are transferred to replication cities like Murcia to help strengthen their own circular economy ambitions.

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