23 March 2021

Deadline to join peer learning programme extended

Are you implementing local climate and energy actions, and looking for inspiring examples to replicate? Do you have plans to create a local climate pact with citizens and business but don’t know where to start? Are you a frontrunner aiming for carbon neutrality and would like to strategise with peers? Or perhaps you’re looking to improve your adaptation to climate change through nature-based solutions, or public building renovatation?

As long as you have ambitions to learn, the Covenant of Mayors peer learning programme can support you. Municipalities, regions, sub-regional authorities and energy agencies can participate if they already are a member of the Covenant of Mayors, or if they join by June 2021. Apply by 31 March, 17:00 CET.

The Covenant of Mayors peer learning programme has been designed to cater to the different needs of the above-mentioned entities. Programmes will be tailored for those at various stages of the climate adaptation and mitigation journey. These programmes will ensure participants undertake stimulating exchanges including activities such as:

  • Exchanging ideas on how to adapt to climate change through nature-based solutions;
  • Learning how to co-create a climate pact with citizens and business or to develop a climate neutrality strategy; and
  • Getting tailored feedback and advice on their long-term energy planning.

Questions in the application form aim to understand the status and learning ambitions of applicants. Based on these responses, we will match applicants to the most appropriate learning programme and partner.

First introductory meetings for all will start in June 2021 and the exchange will last approximately 6 months or more. Some peer learning partner programmes will include travel, to take place in Autumn 2021, while others will be delivered entirely online. Options will be discussed with applicants. Those programmes that include travel will provide reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses, as well as a fixed amount of reimbursement possible for catering and other costs.

How can you apply?

If you are ready to get inspired, learn from others and develop concrete actions to tackle climate in your city now, then apply by Wednesday, 31 March, 17:00 CET by submitting the online application form (in English):

Participation in the 2021-2022 peer learning programme is possible under the condition that participating signatories commit to the Covenant of Mayors 2030 target by June 2021.

This work is driven by the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office consortium of local and regional authorities’ networks, led by Energy Cities and Climate Alliance and composed of CEMR, EUROCITIES, FEDARENE and ICLEI Europe.

For more information on the European Covenant of Mayors peer learning programme, click here.