6 July 2018

ICLEI Member Turku aims to be carbon neutral by 2029

ICLEI Member Turku (Finland) has recently launched a new Climate Plan, which seeks to make the city carbon neutral by 2029 and end the use of coal in energy production by 2025.

One of the ways the city hopes to reach this goal is through introducing new sustainable urban mobility measures. Through the plan, travel-related emissions are aimed to be halved from the current state by 2029. In order to reach this, the conditions for cycling and walking are being strongly developed, as well as a culture of sustainable mobility. Public transport in the city will also be turned into a completely carbon neutral service.

The Climate Plan also includes, for the first time, climate risks analysis and adaptation to climate change. In Turku, the biggest risks are related to storms, high precipitation rates and floods, and to a rapid ecological change.

Speaking about the new Climate Plan, Mayor of Turku Minna Arve said: ‘Turku is a boldly renewing city, and carbon neutrality is an important challenge for us. We have already significantly reduced our greenhouse gas emissions, and we are capable of reaching an international forefront position with our climate work.’

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