1 March 2021

Digital self-assessment tool helps German cities gauge whether they are 'future proof'

"Local governments have to organise their work in a way that ensures their city is future-proof. That’s what the QuickCheckN aims at. It checks whether the conditions for successful local sustainability management processes, methods and instruments that support sustainable development of a city are in place", says ICLEI Europe Deputy Director Stefan Kuhn.

QuickCheckN is a digital self-assessment tool developed by ICLEI Europe to support cities in ensuring their city is set up to be future proof. At the heart of the tool is a multiple-choice questionnaire that takes about ten minutes to complete. It has been developed for German cities, towns and counties with more than 5,000 inhabitants.

The tool was developed as part of a pilot project funded by the German Bertelsmann Foundation.

For more information click here, and then start your own digital self assessment here (both links in German).