26 August 2019

Glasgow acts on climate emergency declaration by outlining a path to carbon neutrality

Over the past several months, local governments from around the world have been increasingly declaring climate emergencies. ICLEI Member Glasgow (United Kingdom), has recently joined the group of cities who have not only made such a political declaration, but have also put forth action plans to concretely address the emergency at hand.

In February, Glasgow established a Climate Emergency Working Group made up of representatives from all four local political groups, citizen activist groups, and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. Last week, the Working Group delivered a report with over sixty recommendations, which outlines a path to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2030.

The report works across local government areas, with recommendations that speak to issues including energy use, transport, food, and pensions. Some specific recommendations include: implementing district heating systems where possible; addressing poor energy efficiency of old housing stock; creating a plastic-free shopping zone in the city; implementing a major tree-planting programme; creating green economy apprenticeships; and undertaking climate impact assessments for all council budgets.

To read the full list of Working Group recommendations, please click here.