8 March 2018

Brussels to offer free public transport on high air pollution days

In an attempt to cut the levels of smog in the Belgian capital and to meet EU quotas, ICLEI Member Brussels will make public transport and city bikes free on high air pollution days.

The measure, which is expected to come into force in summer, will allow passengers to travel on buses, trams and metros free of charge once two consecutive days of high air pollution have been registered in the city.

New apps and websites will also be made available for residents to monitor pollution levels across the city, allowing them to check when transport will be free to use under the new imitative.

Speaking about the policy, Brussels mobility minister Pascal Smet said: “Research shows that the more space you give to cars, the more cars you attract. Indeed, the most car-friendly cities are also the most congested. By giving back space to pedestrians and cyclists, cities can create places where people meet and connect.”

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