8 October 2021

Knowledge hub consolidates resources to help support energy communities

Leaders working across a range of sustainability topics face a common challenge: there is plenty of knowledge on new and innovative ways to build more sustainable communities, but this knowledge can be hard to find and sift through. A newly launched 'Knowledge Hub' works to tackle this problem by creating an online space for all those seeking guidance and resources to tap the full potential of energy communities and energy efficiency services.

This new Knowledge Hub is free to access, and provides an invaluable service, by: directing visitors to existing and emerging initiatives most suited to their needs; providing links to relevant repositories, marketplaces, databases, platforms and projects; keeping users up-to-date with the latest news in the field; and more.

The hub is free for all to access. What's more, regulators, policy makers, facilitators, energy community members, and those interested in developing gaining knowledge and capacity in the fields of energy communities and collective action for energy efficiency are all also warmly invited to contribute to the Knowledge Hub. Contributing your own knowledge, projects and resources is free to do, and as simple as filling in this online form.

This Knowledge Hub has been created and is managed in the context of the DECIDE project, in which ICLEI Europe is a partner. The project aims to build knowledge and capacity regarding how to set up and roll-out energy communities and energy efficiency services. This work focuses not only on energy communities that are direct partners in the project, but also all groups that serve to benefit from the exchange and expertise that DECIDE fosters.

To browse and make use of the Knowledge Hub, click here.