11 August 2022

Expanding our network of leaders with Matosinhos

Matosinhos (Portugal) has joined ICLEI.

Matosinhos is a Portuguese Municipality belonging to the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto. Boasting a dense urban population of around 172,000 (INE, 2021), it is a unique combination of seaside, new architecture, pilgrim and historical monuments, while remaining one of the most industrialised municipalities in the country. Matosinhos has changed from an industrial based economy to a more service oriented one, largely tourism related, while still maintaining strong fishing activities and over 500 industrial units across diverse sectors.

According to Councillor for the Environment Manuela Álvares, Matosinhos is committed to tackling environmental and climate challenges using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and numerous environmental projects, including the recovery of green and blue corridors, biodiversity protection, and the commitment to circular economy, among several others. The Municipality has a Sustainable Energy Action Plan under the Covenant of Mayors, is a Green City Accord signatory, and is the first MCR2030 Resilience Hub in Portugal.

"We are very pleased to have Matosinhos join as one of our newest ICLEI Members. Their innovative, inspiring, and systematic work in resilience and disaster risk reduction, and their role as a MCR2030 Resilience Hub will be an invaluable addition to the ICLEI network and knowledge resources available to fellow cities," adds Wolfgang Teubner, European Director, ICLEI Europe.

Learn more on their website here.

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