9 June 2021

ICLEI Europe joins the New European Bauhaus initiative

ICLEI is proud to join as an official partner of the New European Bauhaus initiative, which is a movement toward shared wellbeing, which takes an interdisciplinary lens, considering culture, the arts, social inclusion, science and technology. ICLEI will contribute to the initiative’s aims to create places that are “beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive.”

It is increasingly clear that real progress on sustainability is the result of interdisciplinary and place-based work. In other words, successful efforts break down siloes, bring together perspectives from mulitple different fields, and are focused on local contexts and place-based realities. The New European Bauhaus initiative is set-up to do just that.

The initiative intends to complement the goals of the European Green Deal, by providing parallel support in the social, aesthetic and cultural fields within communities. By examining these themes more closely through a process of experimentation and co-creation, ICLEI and other partners will lead the way toward a more complete and creative approach to achieving shared goals, including sustainability.

The New European Bauhaus spans three phases: co-design, delivery and dissemination. ICLEI has planned various actions and opportunities for collaboration, which mirror these phases. ICLEI will lead comprehensive and interdisciplinary activities in areas ranging from cultural heritage to mobility, tapping into its expertise and involvement in projects that center themes like sustainable construction, circular economy, social justice and equity, energy poverty and nature-based solutions, among others. This work will be a step toward taking a more inclusive view of a sustainable future.

The New European Bauhaus initiative promises to help improve collective and community wellbeing, by considering a vast range of critically important cultural aspects. As a partner to this initiative, ICLEI will be a part of crafting a future that is not only more sustainable, but also more beautiful, livable and welcoming to all.

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