2 April 2021

Help investigate impacts of urban lighting on health and wellbeing

Prolonged exposure to artificial lighting – like screens and poor lighting conditions – can impact our mood, comfort, productivity, and ability to sleep well. We have also probably all felt vulnerable or uncomfortable in public spaces that weren’t properly lit. Collectively, these impacts affect our physical health and general wellbeing, and also contribute to how “liveable” a city is perceived to be.

When it comes to urban lighting, most cities tend to focus on energy efficiency and safety without fully considering how lighting (both indoor and outdoor) impacts citizens’ health and wellbeing. The EnlightenMe research project – which ICLEI Europe is a part of – hopes to fill this gap, to ultimately inform and influence urban lighting practices. You are invited to join: the project is currently recruiting five European cities.

The project brings together experts from different scientific fields and sectors – such as urban planning, lighting technology and design, social sciences, and biomedical sciences – to explore and collect evidence on the impacts of outdoor and indoor lighting on human health and well-being, especially among elderly people who are more vulnerable to these effects. The project will develop innovative, evidence-based policies and practices for cities, companies, institutions, and citizens to improve health and wellbeing through better lighting.

The EnlightenMe team includes 22 partners from ten countries, as well as a global Health & Urban Lighting Advisory Board (HULAB) comprised of technicians, policymakers and advocates from cities around the world.

The HULAB is currently recruiting five European cities curious about health and lighting to contribute to the project throughout its duration, from March 2021 to February 2025.

To express interest in joining the EnlightenMe HULAB, contact

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