18 February 2020

Sharing innovations in plastics for a circular economy

Since May 2017, the EU-funded project CIRC-PACK has been working to contribute to reducing the footprint of plastic packaging. Through the project, three solutions have been implemented and tested, and their impacts analysed. On 17 March, the project will share its findings, outcomes and results with the larger circular economy community at a conference titled ‘Innovations in plastic(s) for a circular economy’, taking place in ICLEI Member Brussels (Belgium).

Paulo Lemos, a Policy Officer in Sustainable Production, Products & Consumption at the Directorate-General Environment (European Commission) will discuss the European strategy for plastics in a circular economy, and how this fits with the European Green Deal. Then, ICLEI Member Ghent (Belgium) (to be confirmed) will present its plastics strategy, and overview what is being done at the municipal level to tackle plastic waste.

The event will showcase knowledge sharing, and spreading insights gained from CIRC-PACK with the larger plastics community. Claudia Castelli (NOVAMONT), Henrike Holwerda (BUMAGA), and Julio Vidal (AITIIP), will present findings from the project's three tested solutions: creating plastics from renewable resources; eco-friendly packaging design; and enhanced sorting and recycling. Belén Ramos (OCU), will also join to share information about the social acceptance of the products produced using the CIRC-PACK plastics and packaging.

The day will conclude with an interactive workshop and networking lunch to further discuss the European Green Deal and its ambitious goals for plastic packaging products in EU, including having all products on the market be reusable or recyclable by 2030.

The event will be the hosted in the framework of ICLEI's flagship Breakfast at Sustainability’s event series.

Registration to the event is free and can be done here.

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