2 August 2021

Izmit project tackles waste and supports local children

Waste and promoting circularity is a critical challenge facing cities across the world. ICLEI Member Izmit (Turkey) has launched a new project to work toward meeting that challenge head-on, while also supporting families and local children.

Izmit Municipality and Izmit City Council have worked together to implement the “Children’s Prize Market” – a new recycling and waste collection centre whereby residents can drop off their waste in exchange for toys and prizes for their children.

The Hacı Hızır Neighbourhood Headmanship was selected as a pilot region for the project, with the new waste collection center established in the neighbourhood’s Kertil Tekke Square. The collection centre, which opened on 11 March 2021, hosts containers where packaging waste, waste batteries, waste oils, electronic waste and textile waste can be collected.

Locals can bring their recyclable waste – spanning paper-cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, oil, batteries, electronic waste, used clothes and fabrics – to the centre on working days, and receive various gifts and prizes in return, depending on how much waste is collected, like stationery, books, milk, biscuits, and children’s toys. Philanthropists who want to support local recycling can donate stationery and children’s products.

Ultimately, this project aims to promote recycling in houses, make recycling permanent, and encourage the separated collection of waste directly from its source. It invites all locals to contribute, and makes use of the motto: ‘Goodness is in Our House, Goodness is in Our Hands’.

Philanthropic locals who donate materials to the project, and those who bring waste to the centre, will be regularly featured on the İzmit Çınar Waste Mobile application and website: