15 September 2021

"Empowering youth for Climate Action" event creates space for dialogue on policy reform

On Wednesday 29 September 15:00-16:30 CEST an event titled "Empowering youth for Climate Action" will take place, providing the opportunity for dialogue between selected applicants and representatives at local and European level. The event is organised by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the City of Milan (Italy), via the European project FoodWave, and will be livestreamed on Social Media.

A key vision of the event is the inclusion of youth voices in the debate on climate change, giving space for demands, ideas and contributions to fight climate change. This vision comes in light of youth worldwide who have put pressure on government to take swift action on climate legislation.

Invited speakers from the open call will share their ideas on three main areas: sustainable food systems, fair ecological transition and youth engagement in climate policy and round table discussions will take place on each aspect to encourage knowledge sharing and a common understanding on proposed policy solutions.

The event is part of All4Climate Italy 2021, the programme launched by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition in the lead up to COP26, the major international event related to climate change. The key messages from this session will feed the conversation at the DaringCities Conference and COP26 among others.

ICLEI looks forward to the policy contributions of dedicated youth across the EU and the strategies which will come forth from these fruitful discussions.

To learn more about the event click here.