1 April 2021

Apply now to the Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize

The classic linear take-make-waste economy is simply not viable in the face of resource constraints, climate change, urbanisation, water insecurity and other trends. We need new models that support economic wellbeing, while successfully addressing environmental priorities. New business models are an essential part of the circular economy. This is particularly true for cities, where most material and energy consumption takes place, and where urban population density means innovative solutions can be more easily rolled out.

With this in mind, ICLEI Europe, EIT RawMaterials, and the European Environmental Bureau are pleased to launch the 2021 Raw Materials and Circular Society Prize, to support the implementation of new business models that support the efficient implementation of the Circular Economy in Europe.

Pitch your new idea in one of the following categories:

  1. Products and services designed to fit within a circular economy for the Automotive, Clean Energy and Electronics Sectors (easy to maintain, share, repair, upgrade, reuse, recycle)
  2. New tools/methodologies to support circular design for products and services
  3. Digital Products Passports to improve disassembly, material and component reuse, recycling and materials reporting, as well as innovative business models

The winner of the Raw Materials and Circular Society Prize in each of the above categories will win 10,000 EUR, and receive support to access EIT RawMaterials Entrepreneurship programmes.

How to apply

Submit your business idea today! Click here to submit an online application form and 2-page idea description no later that 31 May 2021, 23:59 CET. An expert panel including representatives from ICLEI Europe, EIT RawMaterials, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the European Environmental Bureau will then invite the top five applicants to pitch their idea to the jury at a pitching ceremony held in October 2021.

Who can apply

The Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize Call 2021 is open to any person, legal entity, or group of legal entities established in an EU Member State or in a country associated with Horizon Europe. Generally speaking, the following entities are encouraged to apply:

  • SMEs with relevant innovation projects;
  • Start-ups or spin-off companies registered at the time of the application;
  • Any individuals or group of people that reside in an EU Member State.

Award criteria

Each application will be scored based on the following criteria:

  • Circularity: clearly demonstrate a connection to material circularity, and how they contribute to increasing the share of secondary materials and reduce the use of virgin materials. A demonstration of emission reduction through the innovations is an asset.
  • Market needs & replicability/business models: demonstrate large market size and customer willingness to buy; innovations should be clearly replicable in different European regions.
  • Quality of the team: team members show relevant expertise and track records.
  • Quality of the development roadmap: show a roadmap with clear milestones and estimate efforts.

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