16 September 2022

ICLEI partner launches a call for best practices

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has launched a call for best practices, which will collect and promote low-carbon and sustainable projects, as well as local climate commitments. This call is open to CoR members and alternates, Young Elected Politicians and members of the CoR network of local and regional councillors. Submit your best practice today!

ICLEI and the European Committee of the Regions have established a strong partnership over the past years via a Memorandum of Understanding and related joint Action Plans. The 2020-2022 ICLEI – CoR Joint Action Plan outlines activities to enhance the role of cities and regions in addressing, reversing and adapting to global warming, as well as the implementation of national, EU and international environmental laws.

To that end, the CoR is seeking specific projects from a city or region that:

  • target the objectives of the European Green Deal;
  • set a clear greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030 or 2050; or
  • address climate adaptation, mitigation, circular economy, energy, mobility, pollution, urban greening or green budgets.

Projects and emission reduction targets will be published on a CoR interactive map, and promoted to showcase leadership of cities and regions.

The deadline to submit a best practice is 16 October 2022.

Click here to share your city or region’s best practices.