30 April 2019

Eight European cities showcase how they turn waste into a resource

Eight European cities have released a video, showcasing their initiatives to improve waste prevention and management, with the hope of inspiring other local and regional governments to also take action.

The initiatives were chosen by the participating municipalities during face-to-face and virtual meetings organised in each of the cities, to discuss their waste challenges and to brainstorm solutions.

From last-minute markets, to circular economy hubs, the following cities: Cremona, Albano Laziale, Pomezia and Turin (Italy), Leiria (Portugal), Bucharest (Romania), and Manresa and Sabadell (Spain) are implementing a wide range of eco-innovative solutions.

These solutions were also recently showcased at a conference titled, ‘The city as a living organism: understanding its metabolism to reduce its resource consumption’, which took place 4 April in Brussels (Belgium).

The event acted as the final conference of the UrbanWINS project. To see the presentations, click here.

The video was also part of the UrbanWINS project, which comes to an end in May, and has sought to study how cities consume resources and products, and how they eliminate waste, in order to develop and test innovative plans and solutions to improve waste prevention and management.

Visit the UrbanWINS project website, to learn from the results and outcomes of the project, by clicking here.