21 June 2022

The vital role of nature-based solutions to create a more equitable economy

The COVID-19 pandemic led many local areas to reassess the structures of their economies and labour markets. Adjusting to and moving forward from the pandemic provides a key opportunity to reconsider our systems, in order to bring nature to the core of our economies and our societies. A new report sheds light on one path to do so, pointing to the potential of nature-based solutions to create both technical and entry-level local jobs.

The report, titled “The vital role of nature-based solutions in a nature positive economy”, outlines expert knowledge on the role of nature-based solutions to create a shift in the way that nature is valued in terms of its contributions to society.

Released by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), this report is a first step in addressing knowledge gaps in the potential economic benefits of nature-based solutions. Furthermore, it addresses key challenges facing so-called Nature-based Enterprises, which support the planning, implementation and management of nature-based solutions.

The report, which was co-authored by ICLEI Europe Senior Officer Daniela Rizzi, outlines why (and that) we must move towards an economy which: puts nature and people at its heart; is aligned with nature and climate goals; and uses holistic objectives and indicators that go beyond economic growth alone.

The report is aimed at economic policy makers, but is highly relevant for policy makers across multiple domains. It reminds policy-makers, for example, of the vast knock-on benefits of economies that centre nature, including supporting local and community-led initiatives, which generate significant social benefits, and amplify community and Indigenous voices.

Read the report in full to learn in more detail how nature-based solutions can – and must! – be integrated into economies to create more a equitable, nature-focused and resilient future. It can be accessed on the NetworkNature platform here.