15 January 2020

Six European cities use artificial intelligence to move toward carbon neutrality

ICLEI Members Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Stavanger (Norway), together with Amsterdam, Paris Region, and Tallinn have joined forces through the AI4Cities project, a new EU-funded project challenging companies to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the fields of energy and mobility. These solutions are aimed at reducing cities’ greenhouse gas emissions and supporting them in meeting their climate change commitments. ICLEI Europe is an expert project partner.

Through AI4Cities, cities and regions will go through a "Pre-Commercial Procurement" (PCP) process. This process acts as an innovation procurement tool that enables the public sector to steer the development of new solutions directly towards its needs. First, the buying authorities define solutions in the energy and the mobility fields they would like to see developed in order to move towards carbon neutrality. Then, they challenge start-ups, SMEs, larger companies and other relevant stakeholders to design innovative solutions – in this case, solutions that use AI and related enabling technologies, such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and big data applications.

“AI4Cities is a living example how sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, providing practical answers to the challenges ahead. Open-source solutions to drive climate change mitigation using the tangible tool of public procurement comes timely and ICLEI welcomes the leadership taken by European cities. With ICLEI's Procura+ Network we stand ready to apply pre-commercial public procurement in the field of sustainable energy and transport,” said Philipp Tepper, Coordinator at ICLEI Sustainable Economy and Procurement team.

For more information on AI4Cities, click here.