15 August 2019

Cities invited to join peers to learn about electric mobility planning

Only two slots remain for cities to join an Uptake Cities Group on electric mobility as part of the GreenCharge project, for which ICLEI is a partner.

GreenCharge will work with up to twelve Uptake Cities who will learn about zero emissions transport systems, electric vehicles and green energy through site visits and a webinar programme. By the end of the project, each Uptake City will have created their own local electric mobility road map, which will include relevant factors such as construction, configuration and location of charging infrastructure, and integration of electric and hybrid vehicles into mobility planning.

Connect with the ten cities (spanning ten European countries) that have already joined the Uptake Cities Group, including ICLEI Members Burgas (Bulgaria), Budapest (Hungary), Stockholm (Sweden), and Zagreb (Croatia).

Uptake Cities will participate in five webinars, and three study visits – one each to ICLEI Members Barcelona (Spain), Oslo (Norway), and Bremen (Germany). These will enable Uptake Cities to develop and finalise electric mobility roadmaps, with support from GreenCharge partners.

To join the GreenCharge Uptake Cities Group, please contact by 6 September.

For more information on the GreenCharge project, please click here.