22 September 2022

Daring Cities 2022: more than a conference about financing climate emergencies

Daring Cities is one of ICLEI’s flagship conference. It is an online, action-oriented forum to recognise and empower courageous urban leaders – including mayors and other decision-makers, technical staff, researchers, private sector representatives, and community organisers – to disrupt business-as-usual and shift towards business-as-possible.

The upcoming edition will take place from 3-7 October with a focus on financing climate emergencies. The (free!) event will showcase and catalyse exemplary local climate action to tackle the climate emergency, including ambitious resilience-building and climate mitigation efforts.

ICLEI Europe will be present with the following sessions:

Seeding the future of energy: Public private partnerships to drive energy innovation at scale

3 October | Workshop | 11:00–12:30 CEST
The effects of climate change are becoming more and more evident with each passing day. It is clear that urgent action is needed to reduce GHG emissions dramatically whilst securing stability of and fair access to the energy system. Local governments are in a key position to implement actions toward more sustainable patterns, however, such a swift change cannot be done with public resources alone. Partnerships with the business sector can accelerate implementation at scale. The session will present innovative schemes from Africa, Chinese Taipei and Europe, bringing experts and concrete experience to the discussion in an interactive format. Participants will have the chance to learn and get inspired on topics such as PPPs, international sustainable certifications, PPAs and seed funds, with the possibility to deepen one of them with an expert in break-out rooms.

Financing data-driven climate action: A sub-national perspective
5 October | Workshop | 15:00–16:00 CEST
The climate emergency has put cities under pressure to define ambitious climate targets and accelerate the development of mitigation and adaptation actions whose impacts have to be measurable over time. Cities are called to make greener investment decisions, sometimes relying on limited data and science-driven information. To overcome these challenges, cities can leverage the use of new technologies, evaluate new sources of data and cooperate with key actors to fill this gap and guarantee implementation. This session will explore how cities are working with civil society organizations, the private sector and academia, to develop data-driven and science-based climate actions. We will also explore how data-driven climate actions financed by the ICLEI Action Fund are generating impact on a local level while contributing to meet cities' climate goals.
~ Esta sessão também estará disponível em português. Esta sesión también estará disponible en español. ~

Importance of Local & Regional Participation in Financial Disclosures
5 October | Workshop | 17:00–18:30 CEST
While corporations and capital market participants have been engaging with and reporting against the Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) recommendations since 2017, local governments have been unable to disclose their climate-related information against the TCFD recommendations in a standardised and comparable manner, until now. This session will share why the TCFD matters to local governments, and how they can utilise the TCFD-aligned CDP-ICLEI Track to take a long-term strategic approach and be better equipped to support economic growth, reduce costs and potential damage, and thus to build more resilient communities.
~ Esta sessão também estará disponível em português. Esta sesión también estará disponible en español. ~

Browse the full Daring Cities programme and register to join hereDaring Cities 2022 is supported by major contributions from the Federal City of Bonn, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the Foundation for International Dialogue of the Savings Bank in Bonn, and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany.

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