1 August 2019

Get certified in sustainable district energy and thermal energy network planning

Are you interested in improved heating and cooling planning, and in implementing better local sustainable energy and climate action plans and projects? Would you like to get certified for having acquired and demonstrated knowledge and competences in this field?

The online THERMOS Train-the-Trainer programme (TtT) aims to train local and regional energy authorities, energy agencies, representatives from public or private utilities, and other stakeholders managing local energy networks to accelerate the development of new, low-carbon heating and cooling systems across Europe. This will be accomplished through training on how to use and apply the THERMOS software – free, open-source software that offers local authorities address-level data for the optimised expansion of an existing thermal energy system, the planning of an entirely new system, or assessing the performance of specific networks or non-networked solutions. What’s more, the programme teaches participants how to train others.

Participants in the programme will be awarded a testifying certificate stating the competences and knowledge acquired, after participation in three live webinars taking place on 24 September, 8 October, and 22 October at 16:00 CET, as well as completion of the development of a case study using THERMOS.

THERMOS TtT will not only provide participants with up-to-date knowledge about innovation and best practices in heating and cooling from city practitioners, but will also enable participants to:

  • Understand and explain the importance of district energy planning, with an emphasis on thermal energy network planning.
  • Use and apply the THERMOS software and its features, including energy system mapping and modelling optimisation methods.
  • Develop a case study with THERMOS.
  • Learn how to integrate results from the THERMOS software in urban planning processes.
  • Identify key district energy planning and financing methods.
  • Improve local energy and climate action planning.

Register for the Train-the-Trainer programme to work with and learn from THERMOS to achieve a faster upgrade, refurbishment and expansion of existing thermal district energy infrastructure, and to accelerate the development of low-carbon systems across Europe.

A participant in the last TtT programme expressed how, "Participating in the THERMOS training has allowed me to learn from other enriching experiences in DHC [district heating and cooling] networks. The Train-the-Trainers programme gives you a general approach, not only to the THERMOS tool, but also to all the key issues for planning a thermal network. I would recommend the programme to anyone interested in improving energy efficiency in urban areas." Read further testimonials by clicking here

Find all details about the programme, its webinars and schedule here. Register for the Train-the-Trainer programme by clicking here.

For more information about the training, click here.