15 April 2021

ICLEI Europe helps connect local action with European and global initiatives

Those working for a city are often approached to join initiatives or to become signatories to Commitments, Declarations and Messages in the area of sustainable development. Given the number of such initiatives, one wonder, “why are these important and why should my city participate? Does it support our local objectives and goals? Does it help me implement my work? And how does one initiative relate to the others?”

ICLEI Europe aims to provide guidance and clarity for European cities wrestling with these questions. Generally speaking, we have seen that initiatives and declarations can help provide the strong political will and commitment needed to drive your sustainability work as a city. As such, we urge our Members to take advantage of these European and global initiatives, to see  for themselves how they can support your work locally.

We have recently put together a video, which outlines which initiatives currently exist to support cities, and aims to guide European cities through the process of choosing which to join.

For more information, watch the video here.