25 July 2022

Apply for LUCI Cities and Lighting Awards

ICLEI members are invited to apply for the new LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards.

Designed for cities and local authorities, the new LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards recognise urban lighting projects that reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of urban lighting and show a positive impact on economic, social, and cultural development.

The ambition of this new award is to celebrate cities that have driven lighting projects that improve sustainability and quality of life. Entries can be submitted by cities and other organisations, in agreement with or on behalf of a city, and will mainly be judged upon three criteria: (i) project design - clarity of intention and objective, (ii) implementation - quality of the policy process and partnership, and (iii) evaluation - overall impact.

All winners will receive strong international recognition for their work. The LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards ceremony will take place during the LUCI AGM Busan (South Korea) 19-22 October 2022. Applications need to be submitted by 9 September to The application guidelines can be found here.

Cities and organisations interested in the relationship between urban lighting, health, and sustainability also have the opportunity to showcase their work and activities. A special issue of the journal Sustainability invites papers on the topic of “Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities.” Deadline: 30 November 2022.

This special edition of Sustainability is linked to the EU-funded Horizon 2020 ENLIGHTENme project, in which ICLEI is a partner. The project brings together experts from different scientific fields to collect evidence about the impact of indoor and outdoor lighting on human health and wellbeing. The aim is to develop innovative and sustainable policies that ensure public lighting is more energy-efficient, equitable, human-centric and/or has a positive effect on citizens’ health and sleeping patterns.