10 September 2020

Kadikoy supports local producers and waste-free living

ICLEI Member Kadikoy (─░stanbul, Turkey) has recently launched a new initiative titled the “Waste-Free Shop” as part of its zero waste movement. The initiative was launched on World Environment Day 2020, in order to minimise waste generation in the city, while supporting local, sustainable producers. Through this initiative, the municipality aims to break the buy-use-throwaway cycle, to demonstrate that zero waste living is possible, and to showcase how to foster more sustainable living in the city.

The Shop focuses on bringing together consumers with local products and producers. Waste-free and ecological products made of local and natural raw materials are offered across categories such as “Daily Living”, “Food”, “Cleaning”, “Personal Care” and “Kitchenware”. The products are sold either unpackaged or with recyclable packaging; customers are also able to bring in their own reusable packages or buy these from the Shop. Furthermore, it prioritises and supports female producers, while contributing to the transformation of consumption habits by encouraging and raising awareness regarding zero waste living.

This is the first such initiative in Turkey, making the Waste-Free Shop a good practice example for others seeking to provide access to durable, sustainable and ecological products, which support a circular economy as an alternative to single-use plastics.

Due to increasing environmental pollution and resulting health problems, consumers have been in search for and demanding more natural, chemical-free and non-toxic products. On the other hand, small scale local producers in Kadikoy providing ecological and natural products need markets for their goods, and have been so far trying to reach consumers through women’s or farmers’ cooperatives. The Waste-Free Shop fills this gap, bridging these two parties without intermediaries.

For more information (in Turkish), click here. See images of the Shop here.