20 May 2019

Free tickets for ICLEI Members to attend new IMPACT>MOBILITY conference examining Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is set to revolutionise the sustainability, efficiency and convenience of transportation systems. On-demand transport has shifted consumer behaviour habits and – together with aggressive city targets to lower emissions, reduce congestion and deliver economic growth – has created a tipping point for new mobility business models.

Despite huge investment in the field and much early promise, no long-term business model for mobility has yet been established.

The IMPACT>MOBILITY conference, taking place on 24-25 June in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), will examine the potential business models and platforms, as well as the data management challenges underpinning MaaS, to find a win-win between the commercial imperatives of mobility service providers and the sustainability aims of the public sector.

Over 50 European cities are set to attend the event, and more than 10 city case studies will be presented. The role of mass transit in delivering truly intermodal MaaS is critical to local governments, and as such 20 complimentary passes are available for ICLEI Members to join.

The two-day conference agenda, featuring public and private senior leaders from across the European Mobility ecosystem, will address partnership, commercial business models and data-sharing challenges head-on. It will feature:

  • Over 10 city case studies, including from London (United Kingdom), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and from ICLEI Members Barcelona (Spain), and Oslo (Norway) looking at infrastructural, partnership and data challenges and how these can be resolved;
  • Specific cross-industry panel conversations led by leading consultancies and think-tanks to ask the difficult questions and deliver tangible outcomes; and
  • A non-siloed approach with all conversations on one stage, and an agenda designed to encourage multi-industry leaders to listen, respond and collaborate.

Key agenda themes are:

  1. Enabling MaaS through public/private partnerships
  2. Data platforms and new business models
  3. The roadmao to MaaS
  4. Micromobility – doing it right
  5. Investment and financing mobility
  6. Urban infrastructure for autonomous/electric vehicles
  7. Last mile logistics and mobility infrastructure

There are 20 tickets allocated for ICLEI Members on a first-come-first-serve basis. Tickets are available until 5 June. To access one of the complimentary tickets, please click here.

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