11 July 2019

Climate conference inspires German mayors to call on national government for greater climate support

This week, Cologne (Germany) joined forces with ICLEI Members Heidelberg, Bonn, and Freiburg (Germany) to write a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel on behalf of German cities. The letter, which was co-led by ICLEI, Energy Cities, and the Climate Alliance, seeks national support for climate action.

In the letter, the mayors of these four German cities – who are also the Presidents or Chairs of the Climate Alliance, Energy Cities and ICLEI networks – propose a strategic partnership with the federal government on the basis of permanent exchange. The federal government is called on to create good framework conditions for local climate protection, including further and adapted financing for climate action. Other specific demands in the letter include the introduction of climate protection as a compulsory task at all political levels, setting a passive house standard for buildings, and establishing a tax on CO2 emissions.

The letter was conceived of at the International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA2019), which convened in Heidelberg (Germany) on 22-23 May. The conference included an acknowledgement that local governments and communities are leading global climate movements, and that support from higher levels of government is essential to successful climate action.

Read the letter sent to Chancellor Merkel (in German) here.