29 October 2018

Join ICLEI at the 3rd European nutrient event to discuss turning bio-based fertilisers into business opportunities

As part of the 3rd European Nutrient event taking place in Rimini (Italy), 8-9 November, ICLEI will host a roundtable titled ‘Growing sustainable business opportunities with bio-based fertilisers.’

The event, which is being organised by Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP), Piattaforma Italiana del Fosforo, Piattaforma Tedesca del Fosforo, HERA, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Utilitalia, Confagricoltura, and Assofertilizzanti, will focus on phosphorus and nutrient recycling and management in Italy, the Mediterranean region and in EU research, development and innovation.

As part of the event, ICLEI will host a roundtable through the INCOVER project. The project will present its innovative technologies for the recovery of nutrients from wastewater treatment plants. This will be followed by an expert discussion on the key enablers and the main barriers for bio-based nutrients recovered from wastewater to make it to the market. The discussion will tackle a range of issues from applications, regulatory frameworks, composition and characteristics of the bio-fertilisers, to health issues.

The INCOVER project employs innovative technologies for the recovery of added value materials from wastewater, and looks at utilising them and bringing them back into the lifecycle with the purpose of closing value chains and facilitating the transition to a circular economy.

For more information and to register to attend the event, click here.