20 June 2022

Three short videos on empowering local action to climate adaptation and resilience

Along with planning and setting in motion local actions on climate change, social actors involved in policy and decision-making are creating tools and resources to help citizens and stakehoders learn about climate change adaptation and resilience. For instance, the EU Policy Support Facility, an European Commission initiative launched to assist local and regional authorities develop and implement adaptation strategies under the Covenant of Mayors – Europe, has now made available three short videos on the webinar series “Fostering local, just resilience” as a tool for cities and regions who want to learn more about how their peers are accelerating adaptation, reducing risk of disaster, and implementing a just climate adaptation.

ICLEI Members Athens (Greece), Cascais (Portugal), Malmö (Sweden) and Zagreb (Croatia), as well as speakers from the Stockholm Environment Institute, the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava and the Riga Energy Agency shared insights on their experiences on a wide variety of related topics such us how to integrate the social dimension in planning and what the local needs to manage disaster risk are. Watch the videos here:  “Speeding up adaptation to reduce the risk of disasters”, and “Implementing a just climate adaptation” 

The session “Navigating the EU policy and financial landscape” informs about the functioning and main objectives of the new EU Policy Support Facility, a tailored programme to help local authorities move from planning to implementation of adaptation action, and provides an overview of the financing and funding opportunities at the EU level that can help cities and regions to put adaptation plans into action.

To learn more about the EU Policy Support Facility, click here. The Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office is managed by a consortium of networks and associations, including ICLEI Europe.

You can also visit ICLEI Europe’s publications and tools page to discover other useful resources.