20 October 2022

Learn more about attracting supporters and mentors to alleviate energy poverty

ICLEI Europe will be contributing to an upcoming online training event to prepare future "Energy Supporters & Mentors". All who are committed to addressing energy poverty are invited to join this event on 26 October 2022. The free online course, which will be held in English, will empower interested professionals by providing all necessary knowledge to enable them to support energy-poor citizens on the ground.

Everyone interested in the topic of energy poverty alleviation can tap into opportunities to become Energy Supporters & Mentors by taking part in training sessions, tapping into catalogues of tools and measures that share knowledge on the topic, as well as by implementating small-scale energy efficiency interventions, and supporting the development of energy communities with active citizen participation.

These online events are being organised in the context of the POWERPOOR project. Directly after the October online training, participants will be invited to take a 15-minute test to become certified POWERPOOR Energy Supporters & Mentors.

Register for the event here:

To learn more about POWERPOOR, click here.