20 November 2020

Explore climate adaptation challenges facing small- and medium-sized with ICLEI expert

On 26 November, engage with ICLEI expert Vasileios Latinos as he joins a panel of experts to explore the challenges that small- and medium-sized municipalities face in climate change adaptation.

Cities are key players when it comes to climate change. They not only contribute to the climate crisis, but are also acutely affected by its impacts.

Many urban sustainability research projects focus on large cities, due to their concentration of people and infrastructures, and their high economic value creation. However, small- and medium-sized municipalities are equally affected by climate change, and face highly specific associated challenges, including their unique financial and structural conditions, and relatively limited availability of human resources. These factors make it a real challenge to integrate climate change adaptation into the everyday work of local decision-makers in politics and administration. Furthermore, they lead solutions that can be successful in larger cities to not always be transferable to small- and medium-sized municipalities.

On 26 November from 14:00-16:00, climateurope will host a webinar that aims to provide a forum to discuss these challenges and possible solutions for small- and medium-sized municipalities.

The discussion will explore specific challenges, showcase some of solutions that have been co-developed and tested in European projects, and will provide insights regarding how multiplier organisations like ICLEI and the Covenant of Mayors can support adaptation processes in small- and medium-sized municipalities and help practically implement research outputs.

For more information and to register, please click here.