27 November 2020

Entertain and engage with the Energy Transition Game

Turning the mundane into the interesting is a key aspect of public-sector initiatives that energise people, be it public employees or residents. Gamification can accomplish that! Games are fun — they are not always about winning or losing, but about engaging people in an idea and a process. Playing can spark new ideas, collaboration, and learning.

The Energy Transition Game designed by the TripleA-reno project, in which ICLEI Europe is a partner, does just that. The board game guides players in their quest to find out how to make an existing home energy system efficient, gas-free or energy neutral. It is a simple and convenient entry-point on the subject of deep renovation, which municipalities can use in their citizen outreach. It can be used at trainings, events, fairs, exhibitions, sustainability days, or open days to engage with any variety of “players”, from city staff, to construction and energy professionals, to students and homeowners.

In the game, you are challenged to accomplish several scenarios – this is achieved by choosing and matching the right upgrade measures and thereby learning about the different renovation concepts and technical possibilities. Players are challenged on the topic of energy savings, economics, comfort, installation and maintenance, and the playing experience is enhanced with points, chance cards, and insight questions.

To order the game, click here or contact (the latter is ideal for non-Dutch speakers). Try out the Energy Transition Game at your next public event!

For more information, watch the Energy Transition Game video here.