23 November 2021

Implementing natural solutions for more circular urban water systems

Water is an increasingly scarce and polluted resource, especially in urban areas. To address this a new EU funded project, aptly titled NICE, will create innovative and enhanced nature-based solutions to create closed and sustainable urban water loops.

What are nature-based solutions? These solutions utilise natural approaches, whilst providing environmental, economic and social benefits. NICE will research and implement nature- based solutions over the next four years to capture water, treat it and repurpose it for different uses. NICE will implement NbS in cities across Spain (Algeciras, Benalmádena, Madrid, Talavera de la Reina and Vigo), France (Lyon), Poland (Gdansk), Colombia (Pereira), Egypt (Cairo), Italy (Turin) and Denmark (Aarhus). NICE nature-based solutions will treat wastewater and greywater, help restore river basins, capture stormwater and address combined sewer overflow. The solutions will entail green walls and vegetable roofs, rain gardens and hybrid subsurface wetlands.

NICE will undertake experiments to establish with precision how effective various nature-based solutions are at treating urban waste water in respect of different pollutants. The project will develop open source software to help responsible agencies design solutions that meet their needs. By taking this short survey, you will support NICE in creating a software that can be harnessed to choose the best nature-based solutions to achieve clean and sustainable circular water in your city.

NICE is led by CETIM and Aqualia, and supported by ICLEI Europe and 11 other partners working at the forefront of urban sustainability.

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