Sustainable Mobility

With over 70% of EU citizens living in urban areas, urban mobility has become a major factor affecting quality of life and health. Urban mobility management is one of the key instruments available to local governments to transition to a more sustainable future and meet the target of a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transport, as set out in the European Green Deal and contribute to addressing issues such as traffic congestion, poor air quality across the continent.

ICLEI supports cities in citizen-centred urban planning that prioritises non-motorised transport and green mixed-use neighbourhoods, improvement of public transport and in shaping the transition towards electric and shared mobility. 

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Sustainable Mobility Factsheet

Achieved progress in the

development of SUMPs in

100+ European authorities

30 authorities implemented

measures set out in

adopted SUMPs

200+ local administration representatives

have been trained and have

tested SUMP related tools


"Vitoria-Gasteiz provides a great example of how coming together with leaders across Europe can help all cities to move people and goods more sustainably. In recent years, we have leveraged the knowledge and resources gained from being active members of the European mobility community and projects to increase use of sustainable transport modes, redesign our public transportation network, and refine our SUMP. Plus, we have been able to share our expertise with proven solutions like ‘superblocks’ with our community of peers to help everyone reach sustainable urban mobility."


Ana Oregi, (Member of ICLEI's Global Executive Committee)
Deputy Mayor, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country


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