1st Breakfast at Sustainability's

The Big Bucks - Cost-effective Sustainable Public Procurement

18 June 2009
Brussels, Belgium- - Liason Office of South Tyrol (Italy)

Breakfasts at Sustainability's are small informal meetings hosted by Bxl Representations of regional & local governments. Topics covered are related to sustainable community development that are essential to public authorities, ranging from climate change issues to waste management, land use, water issues, clean transport, green energy and many more.

On 18 June a mixed audience made up of representatives from cities, the European Commission and the private sector attended the first breakfast in the Liason Office of South Tirol (Italy). There were presentations from a number of key experts from the European Commission (EC) and the European Parliament, while good practice examples were shown by the Vienna House (Ökokauf Wien) and ICLEI Brussels. Questions centred on proposals at EC level and the legislative status at the European Parliament.

ICLEI and the Liason Office of South Tirol (Italy)