9th Breakfast at Sustainability's

Smart procurement - reducing costs and saving energy

29 June 2011
Brussels, Belgium

The event aimed to explore the mutually beneficial relationship that exists between manufacturers and local governments in the production and procurement of low-carbon, energy efficient products. Many manufacturers are reluctant to invest in the development of innovative technologies because of concern over market size and levels of demand.

Public authorities, however, require large quantities of products and have an onus to combat climate change by choosing sustainable goods. This large demand from public authorities can play an important role in the development of new sustainable technologies.

Participants were able to take part in ICLEI’s early morning conference series “Breakfast at Sustainability’s”. The meeting looked at the latest policies from the European Parliament and Commission and their perspectives on how public purchasing can be used as an instrument for boosting innovation and sustainability. The conference was hosted by the Basque Country EU-Office.