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Past events

22 March 2011
Brussels, Belgium

World Water Day - European Cities for Water

How cities can contribute to safeguarding Europe’s water resources

Organised to mark the occasion of World Water Day 2011, this half-day event looked at recent developments in European water policy and water management at local level, also raising awareness on key water issues in European cities. Representatives of relevant European institutions and networks, water...
14 - 17 March 2011
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Global City 2011

Visionary Values for Sustainable Cities

The fifth edition of the event focused on the integral role of values and identity in shaping successful, sustainable cities. The conference programme, reflecting the Abu Dhabi model of sustainability for cities, covered the four pillars of sustainable development: environment, culture, society, eco...
13 - 17 December 2010
Zaragoza, Spain

Sustainable Water Management in Cities

This conference, Sustainable Water Management in Cities, focused on the role of stakeholders, politicians and the media in steering change at the local level. The conference addressed urban water issues in developing countries and was attended by more than 200 experts, local government officials, me...
9 December 2010
Brussels, Belgium

7th Breakfast at Sustainability's

Urban Sustainable Food Supply: A Win-Win Strategy

During this installment of the Breakfast at Sustainability's series, titled Sustainable Urban Food Supply, presentations and interactive discussions took place, centered around sustainable food supply in the framework of European agricultural policies, urban-rural linkages, urban agriculture, farmer...
3 December 2010
Cancun, Mexico


Introducing global mechanisms for measurable, reportable, verifiable local climate action

Prior to the start of COP16, local governments worldwide moved to the next phase of concrete climate action at the World Mayors Summit on Climate (WMSC2010) in Mexico City on 21 November 2010, convened by Mexico City in conjunction with the World Mayors Council on Climate Change (WMCCC), ICLEI – L...
18 November 2010
Bremen, Germany

Saving costs and the environment/ Kosten senken und die Umwelt schützen

A German-wide exchange on GPP/ Ein deutschlandweiter Erfahrungsaustausch zum öffentlichen Einkauf

*** Siehe unten für den Text auf Deutsch ***Public authorities from across Germany came together to exchange on good practice, learn how to build on the outcomes of a training series on GPP and get the necessary support to implement capacity-building and other actions.During the event, generously h...
18 - 19 November 2010
Huelva (Provincial Council), Spain

Training Seminar for Supporting Structures

Energy for Mayors Seminar

This seminar was aimed at organisations, networks and sub-national governments that are Supporting Structures (SSt) and those interested in becoming SSt to the Covenant of Mayors. It aimed to further develop their capacity and optimise assistance provided to cities and towns.The Covenant of Mayors i...
11 - 12 November 2010
Helsinki, Finland

Procura+ Seminar: Innovation through Procurement

The aim of the seminar was to exchange ideas, concepts, opinions and experiences on how sustainable procurement can contribute to innovation in the areas of sustainable construction, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and supplier engagement. Bringing together procurers, policy makers, multip...
3 November 2010
Kiel, Germany

The e-CO Toolbox - Tools and Instruments for local energy and climate protection management/ Der e-KO Werkzeugkasten - Instrumente für kommunales Energie- und Klimaschutzmanagement

Energie-Workshop Nr.3 der Innovationsstiftung Schleswig Holstein

*** Siehe unten für den Text auf Deutsch *** With a comparison of instruments for the managers of local climate protection Doris Lorenz, Beratung and Management Kiel introduced Energy Workshop No. 3. Participants recieved eight specialised lectures on tools and signposts/guides on effective energy...