Heat Roadmap Europe 4 Workshop

7 March 2017, 9:00 - 17:00
Brussels, Belgium

ICLEI is expanding its involvement in the field of sustainable energy with its partnership in an EU-funded project focused on heating and cooling: Heat Roadmap Europe 4 (HRE). The HRE project maps and models energy use in the 14 largest countries in terms of heat demand in Europe, providing an overview of centres in which energy is most heavily used and wasted, as well as local sources of energy generation.

The HRE Workshop on 7 March 2017, taking place in Brussels (Belgium), will feature the public launch of the Peta4 Thermal Atlas and will reveal Heating and Cooling profiles of the 14 member states featured in the project. With such tools, the project aims to assist policy makers and energy planners to explore low-carbon heating and cooling pathways from now until 2050, and to identify sustainable options to improve the efficiency, sustainability and affordability of the local or regional energy system.

The project studies and quantifies the effects of increased energy efficiency of heating and cooling in terms of energy consumption, environmental impact, and costs. By mapping the impact that heating and cooling has on national energy systems, it is possible to better envisage the changes required to decarbonise the energy system.

For more information on the project and for information on registering, visit the HRE4 website.