ICLEI European Membership Assembly 2017

17 - 18 May 2017
Brussels, Belgium

The Brussels Capital Region (Belgium) will host the ICLEI European Membership Assembly 2017 on 17-18 May. The European Membership Assembly is a forum for exchange of innovative solutions and explorative debates with peers. It is an exclusive event for ICLEI Members, offering the opportunity to learn about, debate and influence ICLEI’s strategic ideas.

The event will focus on the potential impact of cities when implementing the sustainable development agenda, and the degree to which the local level can enhance the ambition of other governmental levels. Other topics under discussion include questions such as how to deal with post-truth tendencies, and to what extent do current societal anxieties and insecurities create an obstacle for necessary transformation. The Assembly relates to the “Basque Declaration” that was acclaimed during last year’s European Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference and which focuses on 15 transformative pathways.

This year the programme will be organised around two panels with different topics including urban development, decarbonisation, (digital) economy of the future, sustainable transformation and societal cohesion. The panels will be followed by roundtable discussions hosted by ICLEI members. The assembly will end with a mobile workshop on 18 March, focusing on the challenges and opportunities for transformation in practice. If you are an ICLEI Member and you wish to register for this free event, click here.

See the programme here.